ACL Recovery Physical Recovery

Physical therapy provides patients of all ages with services that help them to regain their normal function after an illness or injury. A trained physical therapist can help to relieve pain, improve mobility, increase overall physical ability and boost physical fitness levels. Your physical therapist will design an individualized program to train your coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance. Physical therapists are trained in a wide variety of health conditions, including oncology (cancer-related issues), geriatrics, pediatrics, sports injuries, cardiovascular illness, pulmonary conditions, and more. If you need a physical therapist, your doctor will be able to recommend an experienced professional who can provide you will expert services in the appropriate field. Make sure you choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, as you will be spending a significant amount of time in therapy sessions. Friends or family who have worked with a physical therapist can be an excellent source of information.

If you have been treated for an injury or illness that has reduced your physical abilities in some manner, it is likely that your doctor will recommend therapy. On your first visit to a physical therapist, he or she will review your medical history and discuss your goals for therapy with you. He or she will then evaluate your physical condition and work with you to design a therapy program that will help you to meet your goals. Whether you need sports physical therapy or a program to increase your mobility after spinal surgery, your therapist will be able to customize a program to suit your needs.

What is pediatric physical therapy? Pediatric physical therapists focus on therapy for infants and children. Whether your child needs therapy following an illness or an injury, or because of developmental problems, an experienced pediatric therapist knows how to work with young children to make their therapy experience a positive one.

Will I need to see a physical therapist for ACL recovery after surgery? If you have had ACL reconstructive surgery, you will need to see a therapist trained in orthopedic injuries. He or she will be able to formulate a program that will restore strength and stability to your knee.

How long will I need to continue my Physical Therapy Exercises? This depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. A typical program may last about six months, and you may attend sessions several times weekly. You will also be given exercises to do at home, which you may continue for as long as a year.

Will my insurance cover my physical therapist bills? Most insurance plans cover physical therapist expenses; many plans require that you have a referral from your doctor. If you need physical therapy, make sure you check with your insurance provider to be sure that the therapist you choose is a member of your plan.